"We designers don’t get hired to make pretty things or win design awards. We get hired to solve business problems."

James Bradley

For about 12 years I have been creating and managing websites for my customers with the Content Management System (CMS) WordPress,which is very easy to use for end users. WordPress is a web software that allows you to implement modern websites, such as websites, blogs or online shops. WordPress is royalty-free software that can be used for free and whose quality anyone can contribute to (OpenSource). Over 60 million people use WordPress for their website. By using the theme technique, wordpress design and program core are clearly separated, making it easy to develop custom designs without being familiar with the programming of the software itself. With the help of so-called “plug-ins”, WordPress can be extended by various functions such as multilingualism, or a function for memberships, or online courses. Many of these extension scripts are also available for free or for an often small annual fee for support and updates.

It is important to me that you, as an end-user, can independently edit the content of your page without having to use my help. After an introduction of about one hour, you have a basic understanding of how it works. On request, I then take care of the site for a service package, so that the CMS, theme and plugins always remain up to date with the latest technology.

A simple page created with WordPress you get from me already from CHF 750, incl. installation on your existing hosting or ordering a web hosting. This installation has a simple, pre-made designthat you can freely choose and is ready for you to insert its contents yourself.

For larger orders I charge CHF 125 (€100) per hour or, depending on the project, a flat rate. In many cases, depending on the effort and complexity, a page can be done in 30-40 hours.

Examples of websites I created

Creating and editing web pages made easy

For most projects I use the plugin Elementor, with which WordPress finally becomes a design experience for people without programming knowledge. Elementor is a so-called front-end pagebuilder that allows the editing of the web pages in the view, which is also visible to visitors on the net. Through areas such as sections, columns and individual so-called widgets, you can quickly and easily build a new page, and just as easily edit it.

I’ll install the Pro version of Elementor on your website, for which I pay the developer license annually. Elementor Pro allows more advanced editing options than the free version.
When you hand over, you’ll get a brief introduction to WordPress and Elementor so you can take care of the page yourself.

Online courses or multilingualism?

If you plan to offer an online course directly on your website, I can recommend the plugin LearnDash. With relatively little effort, you can create your courses with lessons, tests and even certificates and offer them either for free or even with payment function.

For the multilingualism of your website, I recommend the plugin WPML (WordPress Multilanguage), which is the most widely used and comprehensive translation tool for WordPress. Unfortunately, it does not yet translate independently, but with little effort you can display the pages in other languages via the menu selection with little effort.

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